If you’re one of the millions of North American home theatre enthusiasts you’ve probably heard of MonoPrice.com. If you haven’t, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what I am about to tell you. Buying a typical 6ft HDMI cable at the big-box electronics store can easily set you back $60-70, but that’s just the price you pay for crisp, high quality television, movies and gaming…right? What if I told you that you could get the same quality of cable for under $8? Or how about a 108″ motorized projection screen for $390, pair that with a quality projector and you have one big screen TV for a ridiculously low price.  Other great deals include wall mounts for your HDTV for $20-40, and a whole line of premium in-wall speakers starting at under $40!  Not only is the quality of MonoPrice products up there with the best in the industry but they sell all their products at unbeatable, rock-bottom prices.  So if you’re setting up a new home theatre system it would be a good idea to check out MonoPrice.com for the accesories before considering buying them from the local big box electronics store.

Now Kinek has partnered with MonoPrice.com to offer Canadians even greater savings! Because the prices on MonoPrice are so low often shipping is the greatest cost for Canadian customers, but all you need to get the same shipping rates as your American friends is a US Shipping Address. That is where Kinek comes in. Just sign up for your free account at Kinek.com and choose the KinekPoint border location closest to you (there are 18 of them from Calais, ME to Blaine, WA) then use the address that we give you in the MonoPrice shipping address field. It’s that easy, and you’ll even get an email and text message notification as soon as your package arrives.

So if you’re dreaming of setting up the ultimate theatre in your basement but the cost just seems too high, don’t worry! MonoPrice has you covered. You can set up your room any way you want when you can buy a 50ft HDMI cable for $30 and oxygen free copper speaker wire for as little as 8 cents per foot. So let your imagination run wild and then head on over to MonoPrice.com to pick up whatever you need to finish off your ultimate home entertainment area.

Here is a link to review MonoPrice’s Kinek step by step how to page.