This week, Levis is having their semi-annual clearance sale, with savings up to 50% off your favorite denim. With savings this great,  it makes sense to ship to the closest Border KinekPoint to reap the benefits.

I am always looking for white jeans that are not see thru. The site currently has white skinny jeans for $29.90. A great deal in my books! On top of jeans, they also offer tops, shorts and accessories, so you can complete your summer wardrobe.

The great thing about Kinek is you can ship to any KinekPoint at any time, so if you are going on a cross country vacation this summer, you can pick up your packages from Maine to Washington.

While you can purchase Levi’s in store in Canada, rarely will you find them on sale. The site does not ship to Canada, so in order to catch this deal, you will have to ship to your nearest border KinekPoint.