So we all know Labour Day weekend is coming up and traditionally this is a big weekend for US retailers just across the border. Thousands of Canadians book their hotel or even take day trips to their favourite U.S. mall to find some great deals on whatever they can find. It’s certainly not just a fad as it has become a part of the Canadian culture. No matter what the dollar is at, Canadians will be heading south year after year to have their cross border shopping trips. (For those that are wondering the Canadian Dollar is currently 1.0222 over the U.S. Dollar).

What most people don’t take advantage of when they head into the U.S. is the amazing deals they can also find online and ship to the border. Amazing shipping rates, often times free, and an unlimited selection. If you’re going down for the weekend you also have a $400 per person exemption allowance (48 hours) that will also save you on the tax. Why not order a few items online and save some money and pick the items up on your way down to the mall? It’s a win win and you can brag about the hundreds of dollars you saved by having a relaxing weekend in the U.S. You may even save enough to have your hotel room paid for!

If you’re heading across the border this weekend tell us about your plans and if you’ve ever thought about shipping some items to the border to save on international shipping and brokerage fees. Don’t forget about your exemptions and keep track of your receipts!

Have a great Labour Day weekend!!