After toiling away for the better part of the summer, we’re excited to announce the release of a Kinek iPhone app! This has been a fun project for us and it’s great to release it into the wild. What can you use it for? Well, first off it makes finding a US Shipping Address along the US/Canadian border much easier, faster, and fun. You can sign up to use one of our Border KinekPoints directly from the app, get the address, and use it right away to order from US retailers. But that’s just the beginning 🙂

You can also enter in your tracking numbers and receive Push, email, and text message notifications each time your packages’ status updates. We even plot it’s progress on the map for you! You can also view what packages have arrived at your US border KinekPoint and what packages you’ve already picked up.

The app is available for free here on the Apple App Store.