Well, every Canadian that was waiting for the end of April to arrive so they could buy an Apple iPad is surely a bit frustrated today. Apple has announced that the iPad will no longer go on sale in late April due to “high demand” in the US market. Instead, they are delaying the Canadian launch until late May. It doesn’t get much more frustrating than that.

Were you planning on buying an iPad later this month? Are you incredibly frustrated that you’ll have to wait an extra 30 something days to get your hands on one? Don’t worry, there’s a solution.

You can easily order an iPad from Apple’s online US store and have it shipped to one of Kinek’s border locations across the country. As soon as it arrives, you’ll get a text message and email notification and you can drive down and pick it up whenever you like. I’m betting you wouldn’t wait too long though.

Find a border Kinek Point to ship to and register with Kinek @ www.kinek.com/border