In the market for a new set of speakers, television, or even home appliances? The prices and selection at are hard to beat. Vann’s is a US retailer that sells tons of great stuff like electronics and home theatre equipment and has the customer service and expertise to back it up. The problem? They don’t ship to Canada and then don’t (directly) accept Canadian credit cards. Fear not, it’s totally possible to order from them and cash in on their awesome prices by using Kinek. Read on to find out how.

How Canadians can order from Vann’s

The process is actually pretty straightforward. While Vann’s doesn’t directly accept Canadian credit cards, they do allow you to pay with an Amazon account and since Amazon lets you use a Canadian credit card, you are good to go. The next problem, Vann’s doesn’t ship to Canada. No problem at all if you live somewhat near the US/Canadian border.

Using Canada’s largest border network to receive your order from Vann’s

Kinek is Canada’s largest network of parcel receiving locations along the US-Canadian border. What does that mean? We have facilities on the US side of nearly every major border crossing across the country that Canadians can use as their own personal US shipping address (not a PO box, but a full address!). Canadians can choose the most convenient Border KinekPoint for them and then use its address to order from any US retailer, like As soon as your package arrives, we notify you and we’ll hold it for 30 days until you can drop by and pick it up.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for a free Kinek account at (We also have iPhone and Android apps)
  2. From within your new Kinek account, choose the Border KinekPoint nearest you
  3. Copy and past the provided address (with your Kinek #, that’s how we identify your package) into any US retailer’s Shipping Address form during checkout
  4. Order your item
  5. That’s it! We’ll notify you by email, text message, or mobile Push notification as soon as the package arrives.

We’ll hold onto your package for 30-days, sometimes even longer if you need us to. You can then visit the Border KinekPoint and pick-up your package at a time convenient for you.