With over 170 different brands of shoes offered on their website, Famous Footwear has you covered when it comes to keeping your feet off the ground.  Whether you are looking for some trendy sandals to hit the beach with, some Nikes for the gym, or some warm slippers for those rainy days Famous Footwear is there to sweep you off your feet.

With over 1000 locations in the inner U.S., Americans have been able to enjoy and take advantage the incredible deals at Famous Footwear over the years.  However, while there might be some nice instore deals, the online deals are where the magic really happens!  The sales section of their website is an area that you won’t want to miss.  With shoes dropping to 70+ percent off, you may end up buying more than 1 pair!  To top this off, they also have an exclusive web deals section that won’t be found in any store!  Since the 1960’s Famous Footwear has been pioneering the discount shoe store frenzy, and continue to lead the pack… why shouldn’t we get a piece of the action?

What’s the hitch?  Why haven’t us Canadians been able to snatch up all these deals?  Well unfortunately, Famous Footwear does not offer shipping to Canada.  Luckily, Kinek offers a solution where we can benefit from Famous Footwear’s dropdead discount pricing.  All you have to do is head over to www.kinek.com and hit the big sign up button.  After you’ve completed that process, you are ready to start shipping to the border and raking in the savings from Crocs to Birkenstocks!