cross border shopping

New to the world of online shopping and don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you are a veteran and just looking for ways to save money. Try for tips on making online shipping a smooth ride.

In January, 2011, re-launched their site, offering a new design as well as local and national deals and coupons for across the border shopping.

The site provides coupons for both in-store and online purchases. What is great about the in-store coupons, is the site allows you to search by location. So whether you’re in beautiful British Columbia or as far east as the laid back maritime’s, you will be able to benefit from wherever you are in Canada. To be able to search for coupons based on location is a great feature.

They also offer information about duty and taxes when bringing goods across the border, up to date exchange rate information, information on purchasing and importing vehicles, links for up to date border wait times, and a savings calculator which allows users to calculate how much they are saving depending on what state they purchase the item in etc. We at find this site useful for our readers since most of which visit malls and look for other deals while they are going down to pick up their online orders at a KinekPoint.

Another great feature is the Cross Border Club. Once you sign up, you are sent emails containing deals and coupons exclusive to Cross Border Club Members.

What are you waiting for? Go check them out! You never know what amazing deals are in store!