New $150 online duty free limit

Great news! Under the new U.S./Canada/Mexico trade agreement the online duty free limit has increased from $20 to $150. This means if there is anything under $150 that you cannot access here in Canada, but can order in the U.S., you're not going to need to...

Scrapbooking Supplies – Hidden Gems

If you're a Canadian that loves scrapbooking, you will love what our post is about today. Who doesn't love finding unique and fun supplies that are not your typical Michael's go to. All of us who love to scrapbook find pride in making something that we can...
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If you're looking to buy on a U.S. website and have your item delivered to a border location so you can pick-up and save $, then creating your account is the 1st step!

It’s no secret nowadays. It seems that everyone is geared up for the Black Friday madness that has blossomed into the biggest retailer day of the year. If you’re in Canada and wanting to take advantage of some of the deep discounts in the U.S. there are some retailers that have already started the price cuts. – Amazon is well known for their Black Friday Deals Week. They have taken advantage of their wide selection and spread Black Friday over an entire week instead of just 1 day. There are limited amounts for each item so make sure you keep checking back for something that may fit on your Holiday list! – WalMart has taken notice that Amazon’s black friday week has been a great success, so it now has it’s own pre-Black Friday savings event online. They guarantee that you won’t beat their rock bottom prices.

Sierra Trading Post – If you haven’t shopped at Sierra Trading Post before, you need to check it out. They have quality products that are meant to last. You will be pleasantly surprised how steep their discounts are for their Pre-Black Friday savings.

If you know of some pre-Black friday savings, feel free to share it with everyone in the comments!