Kobe VIIf you’re into basketball as much as I am then you would also share the pain in finding the best pairs of basketball kicks in your local city. If you live in Vancouver or Toronto your access is much easier but just think of the premium price you’re paying for your Kobe V’s or your retro Jordan’s. If you do some research online you will find the exact same shoes for $30-40 dollars less. It’s absurd really.

I am happy to announce a work-a-round for all Canadian ball players that are seeking the best kicks for the best price. If you buy from an American website (list below) and ship them to one of Kinek’s border locations you will save on the original price, international shipping, brokerage and duty fees. So this is much better than shipping them to your home or any Canadian address. You of course have to pay for gas to go down to the border and receive them but it’s well worth it IMO. You wouldn’t be alone either as thousands of Canadian ball players already do this, including myself.

List of Top US retailers to purchase kicks from:

If you find an amazing price difference on basketball kicks feel free to share your story in the comments.