About Us

After spending the better part of our day working at Kinek, we still look for ways to share the service with more people. While we have nearly 1,000 authorized Kinek Points throughout the U.S., we are particularly passionate about our border Kinek Points.

We set up these locations to make cross border shopping easier for Canadians by giving them a US shipping address in just about every major border crossing across Canada.

Not only is this site a way for us to let more of our fellow Canadians know about this great service, but also a place where we can help answer many of the cross border shopping questions that Canadians may have.

We’ll be updating the site as often as we can (our day jobs keep us pretty busy!), so check back often and feel free to leave us suggestions in the comments section or by click on the “contribute” button on the right hand side of the screen.

We hope you enjoy the site and sign up for Kinek!

– The Kinek Team